What is Responsive Design?

What is responsive design

If your website is not responsive it can translate to lost customers/clients who end up looking elsewhere to find a more “device friendly” website.In today’s web market a website needs to be responsive to display across the various devices that are used.

What exactly is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one that will keep a crisp, legible, organized appearance no matter what type of device is being used, whether it is a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.To further elaborate, the appearance will always appear as intended.Text and graphics will not be cut off if viewed on a much smaller device and there will not be a lot of empty screen space if the website is viewed on a large desktop monitor.The size proportion will match that of the device being used to access the online content.

Benefits of Having a Responsive Website in Today’s Mobile World

Search engines love ‘em!

A website that is configured to be mobile-responsive is more apt to be located by search engines, which translates to more customers finding you and your business.Responsive websites will also rank higher with a search engine, which means your site will appear higher on the list of results when a user issues a search.

A better user experience

Websites that have a responsive design will provide a better online experience for the user.If the information is easy to find on any size device without the need for resizing, the online user may very well become your next online customer.Optimized websites also tend to load faster than non-responsive websites.What does this mean for you?If a site is slow to load on a mobile device, the user may cancel it and search for a website that does load faster.Faster load times also lowers the amount of data used when browsing on a data network.

Easy to manage and cost effective

Having one website that is designed to handle all types of devices is easier to manage since there is no need to have an additional website that is geared for mobile devices only.Having one all-encompassing website equates to less time being spent on updating content and is much more cost effective than having multiple sites to maintain and update.

Not Sure if Your Website is Mobile-Responsive?

Studio 78 Can Help!

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