Social Media: Quality Over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

Studio 78 has been putting in time and research into how best to create a social media package to offer our clients. In looking at our industry competitors, we noticed that some advise businesses to post 10 Facebook posts, 5-8 tweets, 3-4 Instagram photos, collect 15-20 pins—each day!

Even on a personal account that’s an overwhelming amount of posts and information to generate, and will quickly annoy your friends and family who really don’t want to know that you ripped your manicure at 2:03 pm. Post this much on social media a day as a business and you’re more likely to alienate your customers and lose all followers than you are to create a successful social media presence.

Quality Control

You’ve probably heard the maxim “quality over quantity.” Studio 78 is a definite believer and practitioner of this philosophy. We take the time to create a more in-depth user experience than most digital marketing agencies, because we understand that you want the public face of your business to reflect the same quality that your services provide. You carefully check every brochure and advertisement produced for your business. Likewise, each blog, Facebook post, and link you share should be just as carefully planned and checked. Even scheduling months in advance, it’s impossible to maintain that kind of quality control for 10 posts a day.


When creating a good strategy for business social media, first decide what your business goal is in engaging with social media. Then ask these questions of your business:

  • Who is our target audience?
  • On which social platforms will we find that audience?
  • What is the unique service/value we offer?
  • What areas of advice, services, and ideas can we share with the audience?
  • What resources can we use to promote the business—text, links, images, or videos?
  • How can we track the success of our social media efforts?
  • How much time can we invest in social media maintenance?

Based on these answers you can plan where and how often to post, remembering that consistency and quality over quantity are key to a successful strategy.

Take Action

Still feeling lost? Contact us via email or phone and ask how we can build and maintain a social media presence for your business.

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