Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

We’ve had an increasing amount of inquiries from businesses about how to implement social media and if that’s a service we provide. Here at Studio 78 we’re excited to let you in on a little secret….and we’ll share it at the end of this post!

But first you may be asking yourself, how can my business use social media? Why would we use it? We’re a bank, not a veterinary clinic that can share cute videos of puppies and get a lot of likes. There just aren’t cute videos of bank account withdrawals.

Too true. However, that doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to using social media for your business.

Personal Marketing

Social media can be used as a marketing tool, one that is a growing trend and showing incredible results. But the main purpose of social media isn’t actually marketing and promotion. It’s having a conversation. It’s getting to know your customers and growing your potential audience. Social media can help your business create a user experience­­­­—and that is what good customer service is all about, no matter the industry. Brand marketing is a happy by-product of a good social media strategy.

What You Can Offer

While funny cat videos may not apply to your business, there are certainly services and values that are unique to your company’s vision. Maybe you can name them by heart because they’re in your tagline and splashed on every page of your website. Maybe you’re scratching your head and wondering what it is that sets you apart from the rest of your industry. Don’t worry; that something unique exists and perhaps all you need is someone to point it out.

Those unique services and values you provide in every face-to-face interaction can also set you apart in the daily flood of information being thrown at your customers online. It’s pretty likely that a potential client scrolling their Facebook feed won’t give a second glance at a promotion to open a new checking account, but give them advice on how to save to buy a home or plan for college? You’ll get noticed. Keep sharing ways to help, and you’ll create a loyal following.

The “One Person” Audience

While your audience can include thousands of people, think of the “audience” as just one person, with hopes and dreams and interests. Create and share content that stays true to your company’s vision and values, while keeping the interests of this single-person audience in mind. When you remember that personal touch, your online audience will turn to you when they need your service because they’ll already trust you to have their best interests at heart.

Let Us Help Your Business

Since its inception in 2001, Studio 78 has focused not only on providing platinum digital services, but also on creating a quality user experience. We’re excited to announce that we will be expanding our services to provide carefully researched strategies and plans on how to use social media as a personal marketing tool for your business. Keep in touch, as we’ll be sharing more over the next month about this exciting new venture!

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